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Thai Massage 

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We are an established Thai massage boutique specializing in traditional Thai massage , located in the mid of the bustling city with great environment, river view & one of the must visit tourist spot in Singapore . Started in 2009 & have since growing and reputed for our skill.

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Step out of the hustle and bustle of city living, and right into Sabaai Sabaai's restful tranquility that promises many moments of serenity. A cosy outfit, Sabaai Sabaai is a sacred space where traditional Thai meets modern chic.

Immerse yourself in the ambiance of this truly urban oasis that's surrounded by elegant fixtures and furnishings, and complete with an intricate mix of fragrant scents to tantalize your senses.

For total relaxation and rejuvenation, surrender yourself to our holistic and therapeutic massage designed in traditional Thai style. Here at this charming boutique massage by the river is where you will easily leave the cares of the world behind, and arrive at a perfect harmony of mind, body
and spirit.

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Thai Massage

A full session involves stretching of the entire This classic massage involves a therapist applying rhythmic pressure using the hands and forearms to the meridians of the body. body, and follows a standard procedure. You can choose your preferred level of pressure – soft, medium or hard.


30MINS $55 | 45MINS $65 | 60MINS $75 | 90MINS $105 | 120MINS $135

(we are not gst registered, price shown are net)



Thai Herbal compress is made from various types of herbs. When the herbs are heated, essential oil and active medical ingredients from the herbs will go through the skin to blood and lymphatic circulation, sweat glands, tissue, and collagen, as well as circulate throughout the whole body. Therefore, the body part, which is treated with herbal compress, will get the effect from active medical ingredients and essential oil with its performance in inflammation and pain relief. Thai Herb therapy is inclusive of Thai Tradition massage


60MINS $95 |  90MINS $115 | 120MINS $145

(we are not gst registered, prices shown are net)


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Concentrating on the head, neck and shoulder to refresh and rejuvenate. Relieve headaches, sleeplessness and insomnia as well as boosts memory capabilities. Leaving you completely relax with a clear mind.




30MINS $58 | 40MINS $68 |

(we are not gst registered, prices shown are net)



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Relax to our Thai Signature (oil-free) rhythmic massage that focuses on muscle tension and immerse in a deep state of well being, this therapy positioned you on the side that provides you comfort in your breathing. Palms and thumbs are applied to pressure points to relieve tired muscles. 


60MINS $85 | 90MINS $115 | 120MINS $145

 (we are not gst registered, price shown are net)



Working professionals can relieve their tired and aching joints with precisely administered strokes to key stress points. This massage improves circulation and stimulates nerve endings without pain or discomfort, so you will walk away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! 







30MINS $40 | 40MINS $50 | 60MINS $60 | 90MINS $90

(we are not gst registered, prices shown are net)


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We provide insurance coverage to protect customers of their prepayment, all pre-payments including credit purchase and gift vouchers will be covered by the approved insurance. Customers are given documentary proof of insurance coverage upon signing of prepaid packages. 



(we are not gst registered, prices shown are net)



Indulge in pure sensory heaven as you inhale the fragrant aromas of essential oils while enjoying the firm yet gentle pressure of skillfully applied strokes. Our specially blended oils penetrate deeply into your skin, leaving you feeling energized and refreshed from within. Choose from:

Kaffir Lime/Peppermint/Lavender/Lemongrass Essential Oil

30MINS $65 | 45MINS $75 | 60MINS $85 | 90MINS $115 | 120MINS $145

(we are not gst registered, price shown are net)



After a tiring day nothing helps better than to treat yourself right, this massage combination helps relax and eliminate knots. It releases tension on the foot, neck and shoulders to help you get a goodnight's rest.







30MINS $50 | 40MINS $60 | 60MINS $70 | 90MINS $100

(we are not gst registered, prices shown are net)



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A digital gift vouchers which you can purchase online for your loved ones. It is safe, secure and convenient to redeem. Please note

we provide insurance coverage to protect customers of their prepayment, all pre-payments including credit purchase and gift vouchers will be covered by the approved insurance. Customers are given documentary proof of insurance coverage upon purchasing gift vouchers. 


(we are not gst registered, prices shown are net)

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  1. Our boutique massage offers services to both changing areas that are provided for both genders.

  2. All customers are required to sign in upon entering the boutique massage premises, this applies to regular customers who have visited our premises frequently. The management reserved the right to refuse entry for any customers who refuse to sign in. It is a serious offense for customers found not signing in during their visit under the law.

  3. All customers will need to provide customer information to enable the management to perform internal administration and marketing activities such as contacting customers, billing, monitoring of treatments, etc. All customers also need to fill up a simple health questionnaire to help the spa assess your health conditions so that we are able to recommend the appropriate spa treatment for you. Please be assured that we will treat the customer information as confidential.

  4. If you are feeling unwell, are pregnant, have high blood pressure, allergies or any other medical complaints or condition, please inform our receptionist/therapist. This will help us recommend appropriate treatments or take necessary precautions. Please note that all treatments are taken at your own risk. If you have any doubt, please consult your doctor in advance. This applies to both conventional and homeopathic treatments, especially as essential oils may adversely affect you.

  5. To keep the premises clean, our customers will have to leave their footwear.

  6. Our staff will guide you to change into the appropriate attire prior to your treatment. Customers are required to keep any valuables items by their side at all times. We strongly advise you to not wear jewelry and/or valuables during your visit as they may need to be removed during the treatment. The Management accepts no responsibility for the loss of money or valuables of any kind brought into the boutique massage premises.

  7. As all our customers come to the boutique massage for relaxation and rejuvenation purposes, we will appreciate that our customers can refrain from speaking loudly in the spa. Mobile phones and electronic gadgets are required to switch off or switch to silent mode before entering the treatment areas. Please respect the privacy of all our customers.

  8. Please note that smoking is prohibited on the premises, in accordance with Singapore Law.

  9. No outside food or drinks is allowed on the premises.

  10. To help us better schedule our appointments so that you can have your desired time slot, we recommend that our customers contact us at least one day before their preferred treatment date. While we may not be able to guarantee that we can accommodate your desired slot, we will do our utmost to commit our resources to meet your preferred schedule. To be fair to our massage consultant/therapist, customers are not allowed to choose any preferred consultants/therapists as this will interrupt the therapists’ working order. The management reserved the total right to allocate any consultant/therapist to the customers.

  11. Please arrive at the boutique massage at least 15 minutes before the appointment time. Late arrival may result in a shortening of the treatment time, as we need to continue to cater to the next customer. The management reserved the right to reduce the treatment time or refuse to serve any non-punctuality customers. Should you be expected to be late, please contact the receptionist earlier so that appropriate adjustment may be made.

  12. No show or any cancellation made less than 3 hours before the appointment time 

  13. The management seeks the understanding of customers to refrain from changing their minds about the type of treatment they want after informing the massage consultant/therapist as some of the treatments require ingredient preparation and once the ingredients are prepared, we are unable to change the treatment for you.

  14. Our boutique massage accepts cash and all major credit cards. All prices are quotes in Singapore dollars. It includes the provision of service, use of treatment premises, materials used, and GST.

  15. For customers who take up our treatment packages, please read the package terms and conditions accordingly.

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Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage 

49a Boat Quay Singapore 049838

call: +6565363306


11am - 1030pm daily

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