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Would you have chosen pamper day?

Follow @ncbela visits Sabaai Sabaai Boutique Spa at Wisma Atria she chose to have a pampering spa day with us!

In the video she went had a infrared sauna session.

30mins of intense sweating without exercise 😊





Blood circulation

The most common cause of Heart Diseases are Fatty Plaques, which restrict blood circulation in the artery walls. It causes a number of health problems over time, including high blood pressure, heart attacks, and stroke.

Exercise more, consume fewer cholesterol-rich meals, and lose weight minimizes the formation of new Fatty Plaques. These measures, however, will not eradicate existing Fatty Plaques.

Research found that repeated use of Far Infrared Therapy improves artery and vein function, and has a therapeutic effect in the removal of existing Fatty Plaques.

Improve Joints

Doctors urge patients with stiff and painful joints to exercise in order to strengthen them. However, because of the severe discomfort in their joints, patients are unable to engage in any type of physical activity.

Infrared Saunas are a practical treatment for those who suffer from joint pains & discomfort. Short-term use of Infrared Sauna results in a considerable reduction in joint pain and stiffness, as well as a reported trend for long-term improvements. As Infrared heat dilates blood vessels, connective tissues in the joints benefit from improved circulation, which increases nutrient transfer to the joints — reducing stiffness and alleviating discomfort. The suppleness of collagen tissue is also improved by infrared heat, further helping to protect joints and enhance mobility.

Muscle Recovery

Physical activity of any kind, be it walking or lifting weights, causes microscopic tears in the muscles. Therefore, everyone benefits from improved muscle recovery, whether they are men or women, active or not.

Muscle tears are repaired by cells known as Fibroblasts while you're sleeping. The process helps muscles to heal, grow, and develop even stronger muscles.When you exercise without adequate recovery, your overworked muscles develop soreness or cramps — a sign of insufficient blood supply to the affected regions, causing the muscles to constrict tightly.

Weight loss

Far-Infrared Sauna's fat-burning sweat eliminates toxins stored in fat. Traditional saunas with high temperatures, on the other hand, merely stimulate a water sweat.

Clearlight Sauna's Far-Infrared heat penetrates the skin more deeply, increasing metabolic rate in the process and can help the body burn off anywhere from 200 to 600 calories in a half-hour session. The lower temperature means you can stay longer in your Clearlight Sauna, resulting in more calories burned throughout your session.