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Organic Facial at Sabaai Sabaai Boutique Spa

Treat your skin to a truly nourishing facial. Using the best ingredients there is to offer with endota organics skincare. Exclusively the purest gift to your dedicated skin. 100% vegan | No testing on animals - against animal cruelty | No nasty chemicals | Certified by COSMOS | Clinically tested. We are proud to offer endota Organics™ at Sabaai Sabaai Boutique Spa with their full range of certified organic skincare. These products allow you to take home the same skincare used in our professional treatments to care for your skin naturally, every day. The full range is certified to the COSMOS standard through the ACO (Australian Certified Organic). The products have been carefully developed by experts and crafted with the greatest care to protect the integrity of our all-natural ingredients. Where you can, look for clinically tested products, such as the endota Organics Deep Hydration Moisturiser which is clinically tested to increase hydration by up to 45%^! Try endota organics at our store today. We have testers and a wide range of products for retail. Visit us today to try out endota's organic range.


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