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Sabaai Sabaai Boutique Spa - Onsen, Spa & Facial

Onsen, Spa and Facial are available at Sabaai Sabaai Boutique Spa at Wisma Atria Branch!

#1 best Thai Spa since 2009.

Thai therapy goes well with onsen baths as they both focus on relaxation and well-being. Great therapy for couples. Book your private Hinoki Onsen Bath Therapy with us today!

Book your private Hinoki Onsen Bath Therapy with us today!

Hinoki wood is highly therapeutic as it contains minerals and essential oils such as Thiol: this is the reason it is used as raw materials for soaps, antiseptics, cosmetics, and hair restoration treatments. While other woods are known for causing skin irritations, unlike hinoki wood, they are gentle on the body and skin and are traditionally used to treat skin irritations and injuries because of its antibacterial and anti-fungus action. Hinoki's natural scent from the wood is said to promote stress relief and relaxation, and it’s a popular remedy for calming anxiety and insomnia. The earthy scent can mimic the experience of visiting a luxury bathhouse in Japan.

Onsen bath therapy has been valued in Japan since ancient times. Most of Japan’s onsens are fueled by hot water that bubbles up from the ground from the high volcanic activity all around. Today, not all onsen need to be built over natural mineral springs but traditionally, they feature natural spring water of at least 35 degrees with a minimum concentration of minerals that provide the same health benefits.


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